Los Angeles Swimming Pool Accident Attorney

Los Angeles Swimming Pool Accident Attorney

When the weather is warm and kids are out of school, one of America’s great pastimes is to find a pool to go for a swim. Swimming is almost always a fun experience for friends and family but on a rare occasion something goes wrong. Every year especially in the summertime there are a number of swimming pool accidents across the country, which can result in severe injuries and even death from drowning. One of the more common swimming pool accidents is sustaining a serious head injury from diving into shallow water. Other common accidents around the pool include slipping and falling on liquid surrounding the pool, complications from chemicals that are used to clean the pool, horseplay inside the pool, other swimmers not paying attention, and getting too close to an open drain. If you’ve been a victim of a swimming pool accident in Los Angeles call a swimming pool accident lawyer at Moaddel Kremer & Gerome today to discuss your options. 

Here are some things you can do to preserve evidence and assist in the investigation of your case:
1. Report the accident to the swimming pool owner immediately;
2. Ask to fill out paperwork to document your accident;
3. Ask for the names and contact information of any potential witnesses;
4. Take a number of photographs that show wide and near angles of the pool, including either the signage or lack of signage surrounding the pool.
5. If you are in pain, seek emergency medical care and tell the doctor about all of your injuries.

Many swimming pool accidents are preventable and the owner of the pool can be held responsible for not taking all the necessary safety precautions. Whether it might be not having the appropriate signage to advise swimmers of the pool depth or not covering drains or using safe chemicals or keeping the pool surroundings free of potentially dangerous conditions, there are a number of possibilities for how a swimming pool owner could be negligent for your accident. There are also some pools that are improperly designed depending on the circumstances.

Many pool accidents result in serious injuries that require long term medical care. A swimming pool accident lawyer at Moaddel Kremer can help get you the medical treatment you need. If someone is found responsible for your accident, you can recover medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering as well as any future care you may need.

If your loved one died in a drowning accident or if you suffered serious injuries in a swimming pool accident, contact a swimming pool accident lawyer at Moaddel Kremer today for a free consultation and be represented by a competent personal injury attorney on a contingency fee basis. Our fees are based on a percentage of the recovery from settlement or verdict of your case.

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