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Some people believe that in order to have a brain injury you must be in a coma, be unable to speak coherently or have serious memory issues. However, brain injuries manifest in unpredictable ways and are often not recognized by the person that sustained the injury. Many times it takes a close friend or family member to see the difference in how the injured person is acting. Sometimes a brain injury causes a person to lose their train of thought or focus that may not be noticeable to the injured person.

The skull is a structure that protects the brain, but the brain can move inside the skull when a significant impact occurs. A concussion occurs as a result of the movement, which can lead to a period of unconsciousness. It is important to educate yourself about symptoms that may be related to a brain injury. Signs and symptoms of a brain injury include memory loss, headaches, dizziness, changes in sense of smell and taste, changes in speech pattern, ringing in the ears, etc.

If you hit your head and are experiencing any brain injury related symptoms, seek medical treatment from a brain specialist called a neurologist immediately. It is also critical that when you receive treatment from any doctor that you tell them about your symptoms and concerns. Even if you went to the emergency room or urgent care after the accident and the doctors did not find anything obviously wrong with your head, it does not mean that a problem doesn’t exist. The diagnosis of a brain injury almost always requires the examination and testing that must be performed by a neurologist.

A brain injury can be life altering and can change your personality as well as your ability to function. An injured party is entitled to recover for pain suffering. If your life is dramatically different than it was prior to the accident, the law requires the responsible party to compensate you for that difference. Brain injuries can be treated but are not easily resolved and can have a significant impact on your life.

A brain injury attorney at Moaddel Kremer will help you determine the extent of your potential injuries and whether you should make an appointment to see a specialist.

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