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Los Angeles California property owners have a legal obligation to ensure the reasonable safety of visitors to their premises. This duty of care includes making sure that the property is free of safety hazards or that known hazards are clearly marked. When they or their staff are negligent in this regard, people can slip, fall, and be seriously injured. If it happens to you, you can seek financial compensation. 

If you or a loved one has been injured or disabled in a slip and fall accident on public or private property, contact the California slip and fall attorneys at Moaddel Kremer & Gerome LLP. Our experienced lawyers have helped countless individuals and families obtain fair and full compensation following serious accidents. Call our law office today to schedule a free initial consultation and case review.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Los Angeles

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slips and falls account for approximately one million visits to the emergency room each year. While not a primary cause of fatal occupational injuries, they are the leading cause of lost workdays.

Accidents of this nature can occur for many different reasons. However, certain factors tend to contribute to slip and fall accidents more often than others. Common conditions include:

  • Uneven or slippery floors
  • Loose carpeting
  • Uneven or broken stair treads
  • Broken or missing railings
  • Debris and clutter
  • Broken sidewalks and uneven pavement
  • Exposed electrical cords
  • Inadequate lighting

A slip and fall can happen in private homes, office buildings, grocery store aisles, an apartment complex, on a government property, and more. They can also result in traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, broken bones, and other debilitating injuries. If you’ve been hurt, let a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer at Moaddel Kremer & Gerome LLP help you build a case for maximum compensation during this difficult time.  

Liability for Slip and Fall Accidents

Premises liability laws in California state that property owners have a responsibility to maintain the safety of their premises for guests and visitors. If they don’t take reasonable care and correct an issue within an acceptable period of time, they can be held liable for your injuries. 

The lengths to which they must go to maintain a safe environment can depend on your purpose for being on their property. For example, if you are at a grocery store or shopping mall, the business owner or management should constantly be alert for hazards like spilled beverages or dropped merchandise and address them right away. If you’re visiting a friend, they should warn you about known hazards like broken front steps or uneven flooring, so no accidental injuries occur before repairs can be done. Landlords and government agencies have a similar duty to warn about known hazards and remove them as soon as possible.

A slip and fall attorney in Los Angeles can investigate your case, identify the cause(s), and determine who might be responsible. Reach out to us today to discuss your legal options.

Compensation in a Slip and Fall Accident in Los Angeles, CA

How much compensation you may receive will depend on the circumstances of your accident and ensuing injuries, but damages that you may be eligible to recover can include:

  • Medical costs (for past, current, and ongoing medical treatment)
  • Fees for rehabilitative treatments such as physical therapy
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Property damage

If the building owner recklessly disregarded the safety of any guests or invitees at the property or deliberately created the unsafe conditions that led to the accident, victims of slip and fall accidents may also be able to recover punitive damages, which are awarded to punish the wrongdoer and deter similar conduct in the future. An experienced attorney will pursue this compensation if appropriate.

How Can a Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Los Angeles Help Me?

If you’ve been in a slip and fall accident, chances are you’re dealing with a painful and potential catastrophic injury- one that can cost you in a variety of ways. You could be facing growing medical bills, expensive rehabilitation treatments, and an inability to work. You may soon find it difficult to make ends meet, not to mention cover the cost of your accident.

No matter whether you tripped on a broken sidewalk, lost your footing on a wet floor, or fell on a damaged staircase, an experienced slip and fall lawyer in Los Angeles can assess your injury and assist you in holding the property owner accountable. The goal will be to get you the settlement or financial award you need to cover your losses and move forward with your life.

Will My Slip and Fall Case Go To Court in California?

It is unlikely, at least not in the sense of a complete trial. Almost all slip and fall cases are settled out of court, without the need for formal evidence and witness testimony in front of a judge or jury. Some cases are settled even before a lawsuit is filed.

You may still need to give sworn testimony in a deposition if you need to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. Depositions are conducted during discovery, which is the period before trial when parties gather evidence and construct their cases. An experienced slip and fall attorney in Los Angeles will prepare you for a deposition and act as your advocate to ensure the other side does not mistreat you or ask inappropriate questions.

How Can Your Los Angeles Slip and Fall Accident Firm Help My Case?

You may be entitled to compensation, but you are likely to face challenges every step of the way. Hiring an expert Los Angeles slip and fall attorney at Moaddel Kremer & Gerome LLP puts you in the best position to get the money you need and deserve. We will fight for your best interests by:

  • Investigating the reason for your slip and fall accident to determine who was at fault
  • Consulting with medical experts to get a full and accurate value of your case
  • Making a compensation claim against anyone responsible for your slip and fall accident
  • Standing up to insurance companies when they deny or devalue your injury claim
  • Advocating for you if property owners try to blame you for your own injuries

Our Los Angeles slip and fall lawyers will build a persuasive case based on solid evidence. When we meet with property owners and/or insurers to negotiate your case, we’ll use compelling information from medical reports and witness statements to argue your case. Our skilled trial attorneys will also not hesitate to take your case to court if negotiations don’t result in a fair settlement. To learn more about how our legal representation can support your accident claim, please contact us.

What if I Was Partly At Fault for My Slip and Fall Accident?

If you share liability for the accident (for example, you slipped in a freshly spilled beverage because you were walking and texting), you can still pursue compensation, but under California’s comparative negligence doctrine, the amount you recover will be reduced in proportion to your level of fault. For example, if you are awarded $10,000 but found to be 40% at fault due to walking and texting, you will receive $6,000 instead. 

Comparative negligence affects slip and fall settlements even when a case does not proceed to trial. Often, insurance adjusters use a claimant’s fault as an excuse to reduce their payout, but an experienced personal injury attorney can ensure the injuries and liability are fairly evaluated.

Speak to a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Los Angeles Today

In California, you only have up to two years after your accident to file a slip and fall claim, so it’s important to act quickly. If a government agency is at fault, the time limit is even shorter at six months. 

If you have been injured or disabled due to a dangerous condition on private or public property, reach out to the dedicated team at Moaddel Kremer & Gerome LLP. Our accident attorneys have helped countless individuals and families get the full and fair compensation they deserve after serious accidents, so contact our law firm to schedule a free consultation today.

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