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Woodland Hills Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury can occur at any time and change your life forever. It doesn’t matter if your injury was caused by a slip and fall, defective product, or a motor vehicle accident- you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical bills, and lost income, as well as other losses.

A Woodland Hills personal injury lawyer at Moaddel Kremer & Gerome LLP can help you obtain compensation for the costs and suffering caused by another’s negligence or carelessness. We don’t care how ‘big’ they are or if they have a huge legal team- all we care about is getting you justice. Call us today at 818-722-9645 or use our online contact form to have us review your case.

We Handle a Wide Range of Personal Injury Cases in Woodland Hills

The Woodland Hills office of Moaddel Kremer & Gerome LLP takes a variety of personal injury cases, including those listed below.

Car Accident Lawyer in Woodland Hills, CA

We know how painful, anxious, and confusing the aftermath of a car accident can be. You could be facing costly medical treatment, loss of income, and other difficulties due to your injuries, which can quickly make your situation overwhelming. This is where working with an attorney can help.

While you focus on recovering, a car accident lawyer at our firm will help you hold the negligent driver(s) accountable and pursue the compensation you deserve. We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your accident, identify all liable parties, and prepare your case for settlement negotiations, and if necessary, a trial. At all times, you will receive the respect and personal service you deserve.

Products Liability Attorney in Woodland Hills, CA

If a product is defective because of an unsafe design or manufacturing process, it can cause harm. A company or manufacturer that cuts corners or otherwise fails to provide a safe product to consumers can be held responsible for the damage it causes.

At Moaddel Kremer & Gerome LLP, we have years of experience handling product liability claims arising from all types of defective goods, such as seat belts, car seats, children’s toys, dangerous appliances, and unsafe packaging. If you or someone you love has been injured, call a products liability attorney at our firm for a free case evaluation.

Slip and Fall Attorney in Woodland Hills, CA

Slip and fall injuries happen under a variety of circumstances. You could be shopping for groceries and slip on a grape in the produce section or fail to see a puddle that the property owner neglected to promptly clean up. One minute you’re going about your daily activities and the next, you’re on the ground with a broken ankle, severe bruising, or worse.

The majority of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and broken hips occur as a result of falls. These injuries can result in permanent disability and, if the victim is elderly, unnecessarily shorten their life. A slip and fall attorney can help you pursue compensation for these types of accidents.

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Woodland Hills, CA

When a loved one dies suddenly because of the carelessness or misconduct of another, it can be devastating emotionally and financially. If it happens to you, a Woodland Hills wrongful death lawyer at our firm can help.

Wrongful death is a legal term for an accidental (and preventable) death due to misconduct, such as distracted driving or medical malpractice. Such an event often inflicts serious emotional and financial harm on the family of the accident victim. While no amount of money will make up for your loss, compensation can relieve financial stress and allow closure after such a devastating loss.

Bicycle And Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Woodland Hills, CA

People out on a walk, a jog, or a bike ride through Woodland Hills are especially vulnerable because they lack the protection that a car offers. If they are struck by a vehicle, they almost always suffer serious injuries. Drivers who aren’t paying attention, make mistakes, or drive too fast can cause horrific injuries to cyclists and pedestrians, including fractures, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and even death. 

At Moaddel Kremer & Gerome LLP, we fight for the rights of highly vulnerable cyclists and pedestrians, so if you’ve been injured by a careless driver, speak to a bicycle and pedestrian accident lawyer at our firm.

We Pursue the Compensation You Need

The amount of damages we seek on behalf of clients varies from case to case and depends on a variety of factors. Those damages may include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Loss of future earning ability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages (if appropriate)

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Woodland Hills Today

If you have recently been injured or lost a loved one in a catastrophic accident, contact us today. A personal injury lawyer at Moaddel Kremer & Gerome LLP will review your case, explain your rights, and discuss how we can help you through the recovery process. For more information, please call us at 818-722-9645  for a free case evaluation today.

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