Los Angeles Police Excessive Force Attorney

Los Angeles Police Excessive Force Attorney

Times are changing and police officers are now being held accountable for their actions. Citizens should no longer be afraid to speak out against police officers and their excessive tactics. Officers often prioritize protecting each other over protecting the citizens. We now know this from recent events all across the country.

Some police officers have a tendency to use more force than is necessary in order to control the situation. However, the law says that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Here at Moaddel Kremer, our excessive force lawyer believes every individual has a right to be treated that way by the police.

If you were the victim of excessive use of force by police officers, security guards or other persons of authority, here are some things to keep in mind:
1. Ask to make a report and request a copy of it;
2. Do your best to document the names and descriptions of anyone involved in the incident;
3. Ask for the names and contact information of any potential witnesses;
4. Go back to the location of the incident and take photographs of the surroundings; and
5. Take photographs of your injuries.

Police officers often use whatever force they personally feel is necessary, despite the law limiting them to only what is reasonable. Officers are often trained to use a variety of weapons and methods to detain citizens, such as batons, tasers, pepper spray and choke holds. However, the use of these weapons is not necessarily appropriate in every circumstance.

You can expect that all of the police officers involved in your incident will testify that everything was done appropriately no matter what. It takes a skilled litigator like our excessive force lawyer to prove your side of the story. The excessive force attorneys at Moaddel Kremer possess the skill to overcome what may appear to be unbeatable odds.

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