Los Angeles Train Accident Attorney

Los Angeles Train Accident Attorney

Trains are generally an excellent source of reliable transportation. Major train collisions and derailments are rare; however, due to the significant weight and speed of train cars, a conductor or company error can quickly become a disaster. Train accidents are often deadly, and those lucky enough to survive an encounter with a train are left with serious or life-threatening injuries. Injuries from train collisions impact are likely to impact your overall physical health and affect your ability to function with daily life. If you have been injured in a train accident, a train accident lawyer at Moaddel Kremer & Gerome can help.

There are many potential causes of a train accident, not all are the fault of the train conductor or the train operator. There are situations where train accidents are caused by negligence of someone other than the injured party and in those instances the injured party can seek compensation. Examples of train accidents resulting from negligence include lack of proper or operable warning signs near the tracks, excessive speed of the train, inattention of the train operator, lack of proper maintenance or inspection of the train and faulty equipment.

The severity of the injuries that result from a train accident are often catastrophic and require immediate medical attention. If you do not have medical insurance or are unsure of how to obtain the right treatment, Moaddel Kremer can help connect you with its network of medical providers tailored to fit your needs.

How Can a Train Accident Lawyer Help?

Moaddel Kremer can evaluate your accident with its team of investigators and experts to prove what caused the accident. We are willing to immerse ourselves and go the extra mile for these cases to get the best result possible. At Moaddel Kremer, we don’t get paid until you get paid, which provides us added motivation to fight for you until the end.

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