Sexual Abuse or Sexual Assault

Sexual Abuse or Sexual Assault Lawyers in LA

Often times a sexual abuse or sexual assault offender gets away with their horrific actions because the victim is afraid or embarrassed to come forward. At Moaddel Kremer we understand what a sensitive situation being a victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault can be. The victim should know that they have a support system whether that be family members, friends or legal professionals such as those at Moaddel Kremer. We understand the long lasting effects of dealing with being a victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault and will aggressively pursue a claim on your behalf against the offender and anybody else that may be responsible for the offender’s actions.

Moaddel Kremer recognizes that there are a number of different situations in which sexual abuse or sexual assault occurs including by family members, being involved in an abusive relationship with your partner, random acts of violence, when children are being in the care of persons of authority such as teachers, camp counselors or those at places of worship, and being taken advantage of when in an intoxicated state. We are fully committed to the confidential and compassionate representation of sexual assault and sexual abuse victims.

You should know that the criminal courts are not the only way a sexual abuse or assault offender can be punished. In order to ensure that these perpetrators are held fully and financially responsible for their crimes, we pick up where the criminal prosecution leaves off. Under California law, sexual assault victims have the right to pursue a civil action in conjunction with whatever criminal proceedings have taken place. We will do our best to make sure the offender is not let off the hook and hold those responsible for their actions,

Moaddel Kremer will be able to connect you with medical professionals including psychologists that can help you through the recovery process. If you do not have health insurance, that is not a problem. We have doctors that are available that will provide treatment on a lien basis so that you do not have to pay for your treatment upfront. Moaddel Kremer will then pursue the collection of your medical bills as well your pain and suffering and any lost wages or out of pocket expenses you may have from the responsible parties.

There are time limitations that apply to when you can file a sexual abuse or sexual assault case. It is important that you contact the lawyers at Moaddel Kremer as soon as possible to protect your rights. At Moaddel Kremer, you don’t have to pay us anything until you receive compensation. Call +1 (844)-662-3335 now for a free consultation, we are waiting to hear from you.

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