Los Angeles Airplane Accident Attorney

While some have a fear of flying, it is statistically true that on average you are safer in an airplane than you are in a car. However, that does not mean that airplanes or other means of air travel such as helicopters are accident free. Small private planes and large commercial airliners have been involved in accidents over the years that have been deemed preventable. These accidents almost always result in severe injury or death. If you or a loved one have been involved in an airplane or helicopter accident that you think may have been preventable, contact a plane accident lawyer at Moaddel Kremer.

The nuances of handling an aviation accident case can be extremely complex. It will almost certainly take a significant amount of time and money to prove that the accident was the fault of the pilot or owner or possibly another party such as the manufacturer or designer of the plane. There are a number of potential theories of liability that may exist including faulty maintenance of a specific part that led to the accident, inattention or inexperience of the pilot or a design flaw. These possibilities will have to be investigated thoroughly by experts in the industry before the cause of the accident can be ultimately determined.

How Can a Plane Accident Lawyer Help?

Moaddel Kremer has the attorneys and resources that will pursue compensation for a plane accident victim. We deal directly with the insurance company and put your mind at ease while you recover from the injuries you sustained. You can trust that Moaddel Kremer will maximize your compensation by putting forth every effort on your behalf.

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