Los Angeles Hit and Run Attorneys

Los Angeles Hit and Run Attorneys

Unfortunately not all drivers do the right thing after an accident. Everyone knows that drivers should pull over and exchange information with the other involved driver(s) after a motor vehicle accident. It is actually a crime if you don’t. However, some drivers fail to stop after an accident for various reasons including they know they are under the influence of alcohol, do not have valid insurance, driver’s license or registration, are driving a stolen vehicle or they simply panic. Regardless of the reason why the other driver fled the scene, if you were injured as a result of a hit and run accident you still have options to seek compensation.

You may feel scared, confused or unsure of what to do when the other involved party leaves the scene. Most importantly be sure to call law enforcement and report the accident. Then take a deep breath and assess your condition. If you are in pain, seek emergency medical treatment to address your injuries. Take photographs of the damage to your vehicle and collect any witness information that can help prove your case. Then you need to look out for yourself and make sure your rights are protected.

Moaddel Kremer understands the law and the insurance coverage that is available in a hit and run case. Typically, auto insurance policies include coverage for accidents caused by hit and run drivers. If you have auto insurance, your uninsured / underinsured policy will likely apply, however, insurance companies aren’t always willing to provide the fair compensation you are owed. We understand how to deal with insurance companies who have their own financial interests in mind. It usually takes an aggressive attorney like those at Moaddel Kremer to fight for you and get the compensation you deserve.

As the victim of a hit and run accident, you are entitled to recover for your medical expenses, time missed from work and pain and suffering. Moaddel Kremer will connect you with medical providers if you do not have health insurance to provide you treatment on a lien basis so that you do not have to pay for your medical treatment upfront.

Moaddel Kremer handles hit and run cases on a contingency fee basis. We do not receive a penny until we get you paid. Call +1 (844)-662-3335 today to speak to the lawyers at Moaddel Kremer for a free consultation.

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