Los Angeles Food Poisoning Attorney

Los Angeles Food Poisoning Attorney

Unfortunately grocery stores and restaurants do not always prepare and store their food properly. There are many regulations that must be followed in order to make sure that the food you are buying is safe to consume. Sometimes restaurants serve food that is undercooked that can lead to severe sickness, for example if chicken isn’t cooked long enough then the consumer can get salmonella poisoning. There are also instances of grocery stores not keeping their food at the correct temperature, which can result of the spreading of bacteria that can taint the food that you purchase. If you’ve been a victim of a food poisoning in Los Angeles call our experienced food poisoning lawyer at Moaddel Kremer & Gerome to discuss your case. 

Food poisoning cases can be difficult to prove and require the experience of an attorney to guide you through the process. In order to win a food poisoning case, you have to prove that food you ate was indeed contaminated and also that eating that food made you ill. The insurance company or corporation you are suing will almost surely point to other meals you had in the 24-48 hour period to argue that you can only guess or speculate as to which food it was that caused you to become sick. It often takes medical testing to prove the food was actually contaminated and an expert who can testify that it was the specific food product that was tainted.

For the reasons mentioned above, it is absolutely crucial that you follow the below steps as much as possible so that you have the documentation it will take to prove that the food caused your illness:
1. Report the incident to where you purchased or consumed the food immediately;
2. Ask to fill out paperwork to document your incident;
3. Ask for the names and contact information of any potential witnesses;
4. Save any receipts that show the purchase of the food;
5. Seek immediate emergency medical treatment and ask to be tested for foodborne illness.

The effects of consuming contaminated food can be severe and debilitating. Most victims of food poisoning experience symptoms such as stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea that have a drastic impact on their daily lives. If you believe you have food poisoning, you should not wait to seek medical treatment, it is necessary not just for your well-being but to document your condition.

If you are planning to file a lawsuit against food distribution companies, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, schools or others, call at +1 (844)-662-3335 to speak with a food poisoning lawyer and receive a free consultation. The lawyers at Moaddel Kremer have years of experience in handling food poisoning cases and will fight for you.

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